Want to be a valued part of a growing family that gives a damn? 

We are not a team because we work together. We are a family that gives a damn about each other. Every single day we make a difference in people's lives.

Become an integral member of a crew dedicated to the essential support of America’s tradespeople. 

Whatever your craft – making people feel at home at our local stores, an eye for functional products people shouldn’t live without, bringing inspiring stories to life in engaging ways, anything that can drive emotional, physical and commercial wellbeing, we want to hear from you!

Nothing feels better than making a massive impact and being highly rewarded for your hard work. Investing in our people, their quality of life and happiness is our priority.

We know what it takes to give your all and we do the same to provide meaningful compensation plans that aim to reward based on effort and performance.

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We champion “F-Word Culture”

A “First Things First” mentality, where we treat our guests like friends, our crew feels like family, and we have fun doing what we love. 

We’ve never met an F word we didn’t like. 

Fast, fearless, fit, focused, fair, forthright, functional, fortitude, forward – endless.

what's important to us

aligned Core Values


We are all on the same kick-ass team — we act with respect, take responsibility and do our best. 


We feel confident in who we are, what we do and asking questions when we get stuck.


We have the strength to do challenging and important things for each other and our community.


We relentlessly support people, passions, projects and pursuits we believe in.

Hard Work

We find happiness in the practice and outcomes of dedication, persistence and grit. 


We choose to laugh, uplift, joke, lighten, include and play every chance we get. 


We focus on providing real benefits — financial, physical, mental and emotional.


We celebrate quality time, relationships and opportunities to make an impact in people’s lives.


We utilize the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

this isn't our first rodeo


  • Proven experience and/or fierce will to jump in 
  • High capacity for taking effective action as a self-starter
  • Enjoys organization and staying on track
  • Engaging and thoughtful communication skills
  • Open minded to new ways of thinking and operating
  • A strong will to grow, improve and seek guidance  
  • Values punctuality, under-promising and over-delivering
  • Enjoys problem-solving and multitasking
  • Aligned with what is means to be customer-centric
  • Comfortable navigating the needs of customers 
  • Awareness to adapt to the needs of people and the business
  • A good team player — positive, supportive and upbeat 
  • Eager to make things happen with urgency
  • Genuine desire to provide value to our audience