How P.B. BUCKS Works


Easy peasy! Get 10% cash back when you spend $100 or more, whether you're shopping in-store or online.


Score some PB Bucks while you're hustlin' on the job or snaggin' deals online! We'll drop 'em in your email when you make a purchase. Just set up a PB account, and we'll tuck those Bucks away for you, no sweat!


Jump into your PB Account online or swing by our shop to splurge with your hard-earned PB Bucks!


  • PB Cash is autogenerated after a completed purchase in store or online.
  • An registered account must be active for you to receive and redeem PB CASH.
  • PB Cash will register to your profile automatically both in store and online.  Our service team will be able to advise you of your balance at any time.
  • An email confirming your balance will be sent within minutes of your eligible purchase
  • In a Purpose-Built store, PB Bucks can be redeemed at the register for applicable purchases and our service team will have it displayed on your profile.
  • On, you will be given the option to redeem PB Bucks at checkout


We’re sorry, but PB Cash can only be used during the redemption dates for the promotion on which it was earned. It can’t be used before or after the redemption period printed on the coupon.


PB Cash coupons can be redeemed at a PB store or online only during their stated redemption window. Customer must create a free account with Purpose-Built including full name, email, phone number, and agreement for marketing contact to qualify for PB CASH. The redemption window for PB Cash coupons will be 60 days from issuance of the PB Cash coupon. The redemption window for your PB Cash and other coupon details, exclusions, and terms may be found online or as set forth on the PB Cash coupon. All issued PB Cash that is unused during its stated redemption window will expire after the applicable redemption window. PB Cash coupons and other dollar-off discounts will be applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts/coupons. PB Cash may not be redeemed (1) to purchase Purpose-Built Pro Merchandise; (2) to purchase gift cards; (3) as price adjustments on prior purchases; (4); to pay for any services or fees, including taxes and shipping. If merchandise purchased earning a PB Cash coupon is subsequently returned or price adjusted, the value of the PB Cash previously earned and/or the amount of the merchandise refund will be reduced to reflect any unearned value. Return value of merchandise purchased with a PB Cash coupon may be subject to adjustment. PB Cash coupons are not legal tender and are nontransferable. PB Cash coupon terms are set forth on the coupon and are subject to change at any time.  Purpose-Built reserves the make changes to PB Cash Terms and Conditions at any time.  PB Cash is non-transferable.

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