Home of the Trades

Our Story

Welcome to Purpose-Built Trade Co.

Your local industrial outfitter committed to working hard to support the Trades and Blue Collar life. We set out to build a family-friendly shop, stocked with all the gear you’ll need from head-to-toe to feel safe, be comfortable, and proud to get the job done both on and off the job-site. Purpose-Built is rooted in the community and we’re blessed to serve you.

In addition to general retail sales, we also partner with commercial businesses, so if you own a business or run a company, we can customize and brand your gear with embroidery and screen printing – all done here at PB!

As far as quality, we only source what we call PB Approved products.  They’re road tested and blue collar approved.  We are in this for the long haul & we like to say there’s no crack we can’t cover or problem we can’t solve.

2010 – Our Story Begins

Our story started with a ‘need’ that a good ol’ blue collar fellow couldn’t solve. 

Back in 2010, Glenn Moffatt, my father-in-law, went on a standard mission to replace his torn-up work pants and get some new boots.  After 4-5 tries around the local stores, he had the hardest time finding his size – which was standard 32×30 pant and size 9 boot. 

After weeks of getting the run-around, he told his wife, Robin, “screw it – we’re opening up a work-wear shop & I’m ALWAYS going to have standard sizes – no matter how much it costs.”  Two months later, East Bay Work Wear was born in Concord, CA.  This mantra remains true today and we’re known for carrying deeper inventory than anyone else!  

Ten years later, our first store is still thriving; we have a brand new name and are joined by a growing chain of retail stores & an online Blue Collar Marketplace – Purpose-Built.com. Although growing, our goal is still the same – to support our community & Blue Collar!

“At the end of the day, we want to become the Home of the Trades & we won’t stop improving until we get there.”

Kris Johnson, CEO

Our Team Members

Our team members are all trained to know our products in depth and guide you to the right shirt, boots, or pants to make sure you can do your job not only safely but be comfortable all day. We understand what it means to work hard & we will do what we can to match your effort. At the end of the day, our job is to make sure your day is better. 

Your Experience

When you enter a Purpose-Built shop, know that you’re surrounded by like-minded people who always have your back. Even though we have online sales, we know people like buying from people – not robots or screens. Our brick & mortar shops are built to have the essential gear you need for your day-to-day lifestyle or to do your job. We have community workshops & fundraisers and our shops are designed to promote the trades and support local businesses. 

 Join us in October for Cancer Awareness and keep an eye out for other events on social or our PB Insider Program.