“The word that we use repeatedly is ‘authenticity.’ Authenticity is really where the brand begins and ends. And the fact that we’re still involved, on a daily basis in rodeo and western sports, allows us to remain authentic.  We recently built a 15 acre headquarters.  The back 10 acres is a barn and a roping arena that we use almost daily.  We also have a full gym.  Sometimes our athletes drop by to rope and/or train with us.  Some days one of our staff will be out back riding a colt on her lunch break.  We even built a stage for our musician friends when they decide to drop by and play some tunes.

So I would say that no matter how much we’ve changed our designs or our product, it always goes back to that core principle… that we actually live within this world.  Hooey Headquarters give us a place that we can build our own culture, right here, in our own backyard.  Most importantly, it allows us to do what we love.

Plus, we use our arena and our headquarters to test our products. If you come back and watch us roping or riding or training, we’re always wearing something that’s Hooey. So, everything is wear-tested, right here at HQ.”

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